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Who We ARE

We are a small family run business that started in 2012 to fill a need in the mini-pig market for high quality harnesses and accessories. We have grown over the years to expand our offings to include dog harness and collars as well as specialty harnesses for zoos, specifically for Aardvarks. We have a very small dedicated group of specialists who help us create all of the wonderful products we offer.




We are passionate about animals, especially mini pigs! It's important for their well being for them to be properly trained. This ensures that they are happy and healthy and that prevents them from winding up in shelters and sanctuaries, or worse.



To provide the best quality products to the mini pig community and to support he efforts of some wonderful organizations such as the American Mini Pig Association, The Cobble Hill Animal Sanctuary (which we run) as well as other mini pig rescues across the country.

A portion of our proceeds go the the American Mini Pig Association"s Spay and Neuter Fund, which provides assistance with the spay & neutering of mini-pigs across the country.  Proceeds from sales also supports an animal sanctuary that we run, called the Cobble Hill Animal Sanctuary, which provides a forever home for neglected/unwanted farm animals, such as alpacas, sheep, goats, donkeys, cows, chickens, dogs and of course, mini-pigs! Many of the animals here are rescues, either from bad situations or from people who are no longer able to care for them. Here they get all the care, love and attention they need to live happy lives! 


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