piGGlz Standard©

piGGlz Standard©

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Our sturdy mini pig harnesses utilize the "A" frame design, which makes them more secure than the standard "H" style harness that are commonly sold online and in pet stores. The “H” style harness was designed for dogs, not for a mini pig’s unique anatomy.


Our harnesses also incorporate two (2) adjustable straps, one around the neck and the other around the girth, with clips on both straps. The clips eliminate the need to go “over the head” making it less stressful for your pig and the adjustment allows room for growth.

Choosing the correct size harness is easy. Simply measure your pig around the neck and the girth and then select the size from the size chart (see pictures for instruction card and size chart).


Available Options:


Soft, flexible Grab Handle for when you need a little extra control when your piggy is in their harness! (Note: Your pig should not be allowed to run around unattended while wearing a harness with a grab handle, due to the risk of entanglement.)


Embroidery - Now you can have your piggy's name embroidered on his or her harness!


If you want just the name –


Select "Embroider Name or Name & Number" and choose Name Only.


If you want to have the phone number or additional text with the name –


Select "Embroider Name or Name & Number" and choose “Name & Number or Additional Text”. (We will embroider the phone number FIRST, then the name, so that the name shows near the top of the harness rather than on the side.)


Lettering done in Arial font - all CAPS, in either black or white thread. Thread color is determined by the webbing color - see photo for more details.


Leashes sold separately. Mini-pig NOT included.

Webbing Color