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Lowest product price shown. Price increases based on size and options selected.


Mix and match webbing color & ribbons to suit your piggy's own unique personal style!  Our sturdy mini pig harnesses utilize the "A" frame design, which makes them more secure than the standard "H" style harness that are commonly sold online and in pet stores. The “H” style harness was designed for dogs, not for a mini pig’s unique anatomy.


Our harnesses also incorporate two (2) adjustable straps, one around the neck and the other around the girth, with clips on both straps. The clips eliminate the need to go “over the head” making it less stressful for your pig and the adjustment allows room for growth.


Available options:


Soft, flexible Grab Handle – for when you need a little extra control when your piggy is in their harness! (Note: Your pig should not be allowed to run around unattended while wearing a harness with a grab handle, due to the risk of entanglement.)


Polished Aluminum or Acetal side clips - the black Acetal clips are a good economic choice for our mini pig harnesses, but if you are looking for something more stylish, the Polished Aluminum clips are just the thing!


Ribbon - We have 3 different designs of custom ribbon which can be stiched to the webbing of your harness for a luxurious feel - PLO (piGGlz Logo), FLP (Flower Piggy) or HSB (Hoof & Snout Blocks) - pics above. You can also select None - for no ribbon.


DESIGN IT© Harnesses are custom made to order and are not returnable.


Leash sold separately. Mini-pig NOT included.

Webbing Color
  • Product Specs

    Heavy-duty nylon webbing, upholstery-grade stitching, reinforced at high stress points, welded nickel-plated adjusters and D rings for durability and choice of either curved Acetal or Polished Aluminum buckles which conform to your pig’s sides – no digging in!  The webbing has your choice of one of our custom designed woven Damask ribbons, stitched onto the webbing, giving it a unique look and luxury feel – only available from us!

  • Order Processing Time

    Harnesses – 7 to 15 business days

    Additional Time Required for:

    Grab Handle or Special Order Colors - adds 5 business days to the processing time.

    Business Days - Monday through Friday - no weekends or Holidays

  • Special Order Colors

    Colors marked with an asterisk (*) are Special Order Colors. They are not stocked, take additional time and are not returnable.

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