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Wholesale & Drop Shipping

We get asked if we do wholesale and drop shipping of our mini pig harnesses, the short answer is yes to wholesale, but no to drop shipping. To understand why, you first need to understand the difference between the two.


This is very straight forward. A retailer orders our product in bulk to sell in their store. They handle the sales, the customer interaction, the inventory and the returns themselves. Because the retailer does most of the work, our operating costs are lower so  we can sell them product at a very reduced rate - industry standard is between 30 and 50% of cost (ours is 30-40%)

Drop Shipping

This is more complicated. The retailer does not buy product from us, but rather acts as a sales portal, carrying our products on their website. When a customer visits their site and buys our product, we get the order and the retailer gets a commission for each sale. We still handle the order fulfillment,  the customer interaction, the inventory and the returns. Because we retain most of the work, our operating costs are not as low as with wholesale so  the profit margin is much lower. Industry standard is between 10 and 20% of cost or commission (ours is 15-18%)

Due to the complexity of Drop Shipping and the reduced profit margin for the retailer, we are not offering it as an option at this time.

If you wish to wholesale our min pig harnesses, please review our agreement.  If the terms are acceptable, you may fill out our online application. Once we review it, we will issue you a password into the wholesale site. For questions, contact us -

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