Meet Willis and Mason

Mason & Willis mini-pigs

These two adorable mini pigs come to us from the streets of New Jersey! They were both dumped by their previous owner, to fend for themselves. A good friend of ours was following the drama on Facebook, as NJ locals were taking pictures of these two mini-pigs in various locations for about a month, before she decided that she was going to catch them. She called us with 2 questions. First, what's the best way to catch them? We told her that pot belly pigs are very smart so chasing them is not a good idea, but rather use some food in the back of a trailer and wait for them to come in on their own. Second, (she didn't even have to ask) we said, "you want to know if we'll take them", to which she laughed. Of course we said yes, and within about 2 hours, they were caught and on their way here! They are both intact males - 1 Julianna mini-pig, that we named Willis and one potbelly pig, we named Mason. They will be scheduled for their neuters, soon, so stay tuned!

Some pictures from Facebook of these 2 mini pigs on the loose

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