Trouble in da house

and it's covered in spots....

Hobbes, our Juliana boar covered in mud

We got this little Juliana boar as a mate for Abbey. Found him online and had him shipped to us from the mid-west. Picked him up at the airport in his little travel crate, took one look at his adorable spotted face and said "Hmmmm, this one's gonna be trouble".

We named him Hobbes. He loved to play, cuddle and get belly rubs but hated being held. He was constantly on the move and he drove Abbey nuts.

We started harness training him using a dog harness purchased from a pet store. He managed to get out of it, a lot and it was at this point that we started looking for mini pig harnesses. We wanted a harness that was sturdy, reliable, secure and unique. Also, it had to be made here in the U.S.. Our search turned up attractive mini pig harnesses that weren't that strong or strong mini pig harnesses that were not that attractive - we wanted both.

So we decided to make our own - was born!

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