"She started it!"

Well, she didn’t. It was one of those cute little piglets that did.

Scarlett was the first pig here. She was given to us by a friend who had too many pigs and needed to thin out the group. She told us that that she was pregnant and was due "anytime". Since she was not exactly socialized, we spent the next hour or so, chasing her around the farm until we finally caught her. She was not amused, but she didn't try to bite us, she did , however, protest - a lot. Until we put her in the crate, then all was quiet for the trip home.

We named her Scarlett. Then we watched and waited.

Since Scarlett wasn’t fully socialized, I had to work with her before she gave birth so that she would let me play with her upcoming litter. I would go in the stall, sit down with an apple and a knife and cut it into pieces. I would eat one, then give a piece to her. I finally got to a point were she would take the apple slice from my hand. She was very sweet and gentle, she even let me scratch her head. She finally gave birth about a month later, to 8 healthy piglets.

This is when it happened - I fell in LOVE with potbelly pigs.

I literally spent hours in the stall playing with them, watching how they interacted and handling them. Scarlett let me play with them and pick them up, even though they squealed! She was an excellent mommy and took very good care of her piglets. We found great homes for seven of them.

That left only one – THE one.

Scarlett with her litter of potbelly pigs
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