"You make what?"

Potbelly pig / mini pig Design It(c) Harness

"You make what? This is the question that I get when I tell people about my passion. "Do people actually buy them?" usually follows.

"I make harnesses for potbelly pigs and yes they do, they do indeed."

Those of you who have the honor of having potbelly or mini pig "children" know how confusing it is to many people that you can have a potbelly pig in the family. So we educate them on how smart they are and how they make great additions to our lives and that it’s because of their intelligence they need to be exposed to different environments and situations. This is why leash training is so essential to the wellbeing of a potbelly or mini pig, especially if you do not have the space to let them roam freely. To leash train them, you need a good harness and leash, and when we set out to get one, years ago, we found some poor ones and some good ones, but these were our “babies” we were talking about, so we set out to make great ones. Because our children deserved only the best!

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