Grey mini pig with royal Blue baSIX (c) mini pig harness



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Our sturdy potbelly pig harnesses utilize the "A" frame design, which makes them more secure than the standard "H" style harness that are commonly sold online and in pet stores. The “H” style harness was designed for dogs, not for a mini pig’s unique anatomy.


The harness has 2 adjustable straps, one goes around the neck and the other around the girth, with clips on both straps. The clips eliminate the need to go “over the head” making it less stressful for your pig and the adjustment allows room for growth.


Leashes sold separately. Mini-pig NOT included.


Note: The "Add a Grab Handle!" option is NOT available for this product line.



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    Heavy-duty nylon webbing, upholstery-grade stitching, reinforced at high stress points, welded nickel-plated adjusters and D rings for durability and curved Acetal buckles which conform to your pig’s sides – no digging in!  

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