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Add My Pig's Name!


Now you can have your piggy's name emroidered on his or her harness, leash or both!

baSIX © harnesses and leashes ONLY.


NOTE: This is the option to order embroidery for a harness or a leash ONLY - the harness/leash are NOT included and must be ordered separately! Embroidery charge is for a single item.


Available on all baSIX(c) harnesses and leashes. Lettering done in Arial font - all CAPS, in either black or white thread (other lettering styles and thread colors may be added at a later date). Thread color is determined by the webbing color - see photo for more details.


Please note, due to the nature of embroidering on webbing, it is not uncommon for the lettering to run closer to one edge than the other and for variation in alignment between individual letters/words. This is considered normal for this process and not a defect.


Currently the only place we can embroider your pet's name is on the long adjustment strap near the "point" of the harness - see photo for location. Due to equipment limitations, this is the ONLY place we can put your pig's name.


Please note - we elimanted the Brush font and no longer allow upper and lower case letters due to embroidering issues.


We will make every effort to accomodate longer names, but be aware that the lettering size may need to be reduced. If it becomes too small, we will need a shortened name or nickname for your pet.

What do you want embroidered?
  • Return Policy

    Due to the custom nature of this product, it is not returnable unless there is an error on our part.

  • Requirements

    We require the CORRECT spelling of your pet's name. We will embroider it EXACTLY as you have spelled it in your order, so please make sure it is correct.

  • Processing Time

    This adds 10 to 15 business days (not counting weekends or holidays) to the processing time on your order.

Add product to cart first before selecting  Harness Accessories such as a Leash