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We at strive to be as transparent as possible regarding the way we do do business with you, our customers!

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Can you recommend a harness size based on my potbelly pig's age/weight?

NO. We cannot determine the correct size for your potbelly pig, based on it's age or weight. Pigs grow at different rates. The only way to determine the correct size harness is to measure your potbelly pig before ordering.

How do I measure my mini pig for a harness?

You can find our measuring instructions here

Can I wash my harness?

Yes!  We recommend the gentle cycle with cold water and mild soap. Avoid putting them in the dryer since the metal snap ring may damage the drum. You can hang it to dry. You can also hand wash them in the sink.

What is the correct way to put on a harness?

Our harnesses are designed so that the "point" faces your piggy's head. We do have some customers who put them on with the point facing their piggy's rear,  whichever way fits your piggy's unique figure best.

"Oops, it doesn't fit. Can I exchange it?"

Exchanges and returns are product specific - see the chart above for details.

"Can you ship my order as a gift (International Customers)?"

We cannot ship an item as a “gift” to international addresses. We realize that many countries impose a tax on incoming goods and we really hate that, but it is a violation of law here to misrepresent purchased goods as gifts to avoid the tax. It can result in steep fines for us and damage our business reputation so please don’t ask us to do so.

"Are your harnesses escape proof?"

The short answer is NO, and this is intentional. While our mini pig harnesses are secure, they are designed to allow your mini pig to escape, should they become dangerously entangled.

"Do you Sell Wholesale?"

Our current wholesale process has been discontinued for new retailers. We are re-evaluating the program at this time. Existing retailers will still be able to access the wholesale catalogs for now. 

"Where do you sell?"

You can find our pot belly / mini pig harnesses here on our website, in our ebay store under the username Pigglzonline. There is also a retailer in Hawaii, Kaneohe Farm Supplies, who sells our product in their store. These are the only places that we sell our products.
We have recently been made aware of a Chinese company making cheap copies of our mini-pig harnesses.  They are inferior quality and could be very dangerous for your piggy. If you see our products list for sale new in any other online places besides here on our website or in our ebay store, know that they are poorly made copies.  Our harnesses are made here in the United States - not China.

"Where do you ship?"

We currently ship potbelly pig harnesses to many countries worldwide. We have many happy customers in countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Greece, Belgium, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Switzerland, just to name a few.
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